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Pictures, at long last! And a question

OK, so...I've been teasing ya'll about my finished shawl. I finally got a couple of pictures of the (crappily) blocked shawl (J. helped. He has no clue how to block knitting. I will re-block it later, before the fair):

Here's a closeup of the center portion:

And, here's a shot of most of the shawl (on the back of my sofa. I'll take an "action" shot later, when J. gets home):

I am beyond pleased - especially since the bloody thing FITS THRU MY SIZE 6.25 WEDDING RING! Yup - I have managed to create a ring shawl. Wow......I am pleased as punch with this!

Now, a question: I am working on a seamless sweater, out of Cherry Tree Hill "Potluck" yarn. I love how it's coming out, but....I am concerned with how it will look when I add the sleeves and work the top. Here's what I have so far:

I'm thinking the patterning will get all screwed up and make the rest of the sweater look...handmade. Stupid. Ugly.

So - should I just plan on making a dropped shoulder sweater, knit to the shoulders, and steek the armholes? I've never steeked before, but it can't be *that* hard. I've plenty of wine on hand....:grin:

Thanks for looking!
Tags: knitting, pictures, shawl, sweater

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