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Previous Entry hair and knitting blather Jan. 22nd, 2007 @ 02:12 pm Next Entry
Well, LHC is down *again*. This time it's a "database error" instead of hacking, but still....:sigh: So, the hair stuff goes here until it comes up again. (sorry, guys!)

There has been discussion on the board about honey and how it is a natural lightener. Yup. I can definately confirm this. :lol:

Last week I henna'd with Morocco Method's Marigold Blonde. My hair ended up with a lovely coppery cast, especially in natural light. I was extremely pleased - it wasn't so red that it looked dyed, but it was definately a different color (to me, anyway :grin:). Plus, I got all the benefits of the henna. You can sorta see the color in my icon - the pic's not the best, but...the color is definately NOT the honey-blonde I was before I started playing with henna (and/or honey...)

This week, I decided to do a SMT (super-duper moisturizing treatment). I mixed it up: 4 Tblspns Mane n Tail Conditioner, 4 Tblspns Honey, and 1 Tspn Sweet Success Oil (Coconut, essential oils, and cayenne pepper). Nuked it for 12 seconds, then slapped it on/in my hair, popped on a shower cap and my Turbie, then hopped in a nice, hot tub.

I soaked for about 45 minutes, then I rinsed, rinsed, rinsed, and rinsed. I *thought* I had gotten everything out..but I guess not.

I noticed that my hair looked "greasy", but not dirty. No biggie - I figured I had so much moisture in my hair that it was limp. Umm...guess not. There seems to have been much honey left in my hair....

When I washed it Sunday morning....all the copper was GONE. My hair is a MUCH brighter blonde....which is good, but I miss the copper! :cry:

Let's see...I need to wait 2 more weeks before I do another henna treatment...:lol:

Still cruising along on the sweater body. The stripes are much more pronounced now (I'm up to #8!), so, ummm, yah - I'll be doing a dropped shoulder sweater instead of a raglan. I like the stripes too much to risk ruining the sweater with odd pooling/patterning above the armpits. I still have a bit of time to screw up the courage to steek the armholes.......:shudder:
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