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Bored bored bored..

so you get to read my blather. :heh:

LHC is back up, so most of the hair blatherings will go there (I *heard* that loud sigh of relief! :grin:)

Ms. Boss gave me a really nice cherry etergere and matching side table last week. She said she didn't have a place for them (err...she has a 5,000 sf house. :blink:); whatever - I didn't argue, I said Thank you Very Much, reverently put them in the van, and ran. :grin:

The etergere will house my Cheval pony collection (hey - it's a collection if you have more than 1, right?) It's fitting - Ms. Boss gave me the first 2 (1 of which died a horrid death...need to replace it soon!); I've been watching eBay this week and snapped up 3 new ones. They're cute! :lol:

It looks like we'll be starting a fiber/knitting guild next month! The extension agent has a "special meeting" set up for Feb's going to focus on food...but she told me she'll introduce the idea for a fiber "study group" there. I'm thinking..should I bring a spindle? Wheel? Both? :evil grin: Knitting goes without saying - I always have a project of some sort with me (the current never-ending sweater, at the moment. I am in body-black-hole-hell right now. Knitknitknit, and I haven't gained an inch. There's more stripes, new length. Wish someone could explain That. And, yeah - in a week or so, I'll be 4" too long. Go figure! :lol:)

Think I'll rewrite my FO post here and get it up on knitting. The lack of "real" FO's lately have me banging my head....
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