Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

blah blah blah...

I henna'd my hair again (well, with the MM blend, so not "real" henna) - the honey highlights are now a soft coppery-blonde. I didn't let the mud sit all day, which I think explains the lighter color. Next time I'll let it sit for 8 hours again.

Am working up the body of the sweater. sarakate gave me a good idea for the sleeves - I need to knit both of them together, on a circ., but back and forth ("siamese sleeves", per Lucy Neatby). This should get the stripes closer to the size of the ones on the body. I'll have to seam them, but - oh, well. Such is the cost for perfection. :lol:

Have finished the kids 1040s, now I need to work on mine. Until J. gets his 1099 I can't finalize it, but I can at least get a ballpark figure. It's a refund again, which is good.

I got an order yesterday for 4 woven scarves - out of the blue. Good news - now I gotta go find some yarn in the requested colors. Wool - but it has to be easy care/machine washable, so superwash it is (wool wasn't specifically requested, but I don't like working with plastic yarns. :grin:) I have until November to get 'em done, so I have time to hunt for the right colors.

Have added to my Cheval collection. They're too cute. :grin: I'd like to get all of them - we'll see.

Enough blather - gotta go grab some lunch!
Tags: blather, knitting, sweater, weaving
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