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Teachers....or why I hate having G&T kids...

Whew! Finally got a's been wild here. Traffic sucked this AM; right after we got to the office it started sleeting. It's currently just cold and dreary, but there's a 50% chance of freezing rain this afternoon.

J's sander should be here today - UPS claims it's out for delivery. Not bad, considering it was slated for delivery Monday (so, what's 2 days?).

Himself's teacher has decided that he is the smartest and most creative child in her class, so, of course, he needs the biggest/hardest after-school projects. They are gearing up for Open House in March - the theme this year is "Texas" (who'd'a guessed?)....Himself has to build the Alamo. ("Mama, it's the most important thing!") :sigh:

It's my fault, really. After the Chrismas Winter Holiday break, she asked the class to "Build a Snowman". She sent home a large piece of butcher paper, but she specifically said in her instruction sheet "Be very creative. Use building materials, pasta, marshmellows, etc - I sent some paper home you can use, but the more creative the better!"

Yeah. So, I made the mistake of Asking Himself what he wanted to do.

M(e): So, do you wanna do a 2-D snowman, or a 3-D one? (Yes, at 6.5 he knows the difference)
H(imself): I wanna do a 3-D one!
M: Do you want to do it with the paper, or -
H: No. I want to do it 3-D. Maybe with Wood!
M: (thinking frantically), well, snowmen are made of snowballs, right?
H: Yeah
M: about...maybe.....balls of some sort, that you cover with paper, or something to make them white?
H: Yeah! We can use snow!
M:......ok. Fake snow. Gotcha. Oh?! How about styrofoam balls? You can get them in different sizes.
H: Yeah! Big. It's gotta be Big.

You can see where this is going, right? We ended up with 3 styrofoam balls (the largest was 9") and 8 bags of faux snow, 2 bottles of glue (the wrong type, as it turned out), a flat piece of styrofoam for a base, and 2 sheets of black fun foam.

He did all the glue application. I helped stick the snow on the balls (lordy, what a mess!); J. helped assemble the snowman. 2 black beads for the eyes, 1 orange oval bead for the nose, 8 small red beads for the mouth, a fun foam top hat, and an i-cord scarf later, we had a snowman. Oh, yeah - and green mohair locks for hair. (I didn't was better that way. Seriously.) The thing is about....2.5' tall. 2 sticks for arms - it's cute, and looks like a real snowman.

So, he takes it to school, and...He is the ONLY child with something other than a paper cut-out. What happened to "be Creative"?????? The other parents are wimps, I tell ya.

Unfortunately, we now have a rep for being creative and talented. Today the Alamo, tomorrow......oh, I just can't think about it. I don't want to think about it! :grin:

I did some quick googling last night, and will do more tonight. It looks like we'll probably make a run down to San Antonio, though - J's never been to the Alamo, and thinks it would be "educational". Yeah. I've put him in charge of the actual building - I told both guys I would do the research, and print out whatever they needed, but I was NOT building the Alamo. No way, no How (which means, of course, that I'll end up doing it. Murphy's Law in Action!)

Why did I sign up for this, again?? :lol:

Oh, wait - almost forgot. I asked him if he knew what the Alamo was. He said "Well, Ms. A said it's got a tower!" :bangs head: "No, son - it doesn't. The Alamo was a chapel. Inside a Palisade. No Tower." "Uh Huh! She said it was a tall tower!" My googling proved her wrong. (His response? "Oh. Well....she's confused then, huh?")

How the Hell can you be a teacher IN TEXAS and not know what the Alamo looks like? It's, like, on Every F*****g piece of propaganda that goes out of Austin! Plus in all our Texas History books! (and, she's not a new teacher - she's been here quite a while.) I mean, San Jacinto, sure, I can see that...but the Alamo???? :shakes head:
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