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Blather and stuff...

I mixed up some henna/cassia samples this morning, and have them sitting in the warmest room in the house. I don't have the exact blends in front of me (I marked the tubs, but didn't copy it for here ), but...I'm pretty sure I can remember (it was pretty easy, actually! ):

2 tsp MM - this is the control batch
1 tsp henna + 1 tsp cassia (the 50/50 blend)
1/4 tsp henna + 3/4 tsp cassia (the 1:3 blend)

I mixed each blend up indiviually with enough chamomile tea to make a slightly runny paste. I then popped each tub into a ziploc bag, and put all 3 bags into a small cooler in my (well-heated!) bathroom. It should be right at 12 hours when I get home tonight, and I'll smush some mohair in each one, let 'em sit for..up to 2 hours, then rinse.

Tomorrow, I'll run these again, but only let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour before application, and let it sit again. I want to re-do my hair anyway, so might as well.

I need to recheck my records to see how long I've let it sit - the MM instructions say to apply it almost immediately, and rinse it off within an hour (if I remember correctly) Either way, I'll let both test runs sit on the mohair the same amount of time.

I know I got more reddish highlights with the 12 hour run than I did with the shorter one - but I got red with both. I don't really want red this time, though.....we'll see what I do.

I measured last night, but I'm not sure it's correct - I got right at 25" 2x. Think I'll wait until the offical measure-in before I re-do it....I just can't fathom an entire inch in February. No matter how much I'd like to see it! :shock: I started the Nioxin vitamins on Jan. 9 - it seems like I've gotten a little over 1" of growth since then. :wow:

So, J. and his partner are done. Kaput. Over. He hasn't been paid since he started back there, and he's been doing the work. :sigh: He's off today for jury duty; he'll be job searching when that's over. Fun...we get to move his tools again!

The puppy is still at the house. "Shop dog" my foot! Zoey doesn't know what to do with it...he's in love with her, and she can't decide whether she should eat him or sit on him. :grin: At least he's not whining at night any more.

Wrist is still sore; it'll be this way for at least another 3 weeks, IIRC. :sigh: I need to do something to beef up my bones - breaking my wrist every year is starting to suck!

Himself has a birthday coming up - he'll be 7. His party is slated for Mar. 10 - he ordered his cake from a lady a church (yes, HE ordered it. Very picky, is my little man!) - it'll be Mars. Seriously. I ordered the Hot Wheels Rover set to go on it - but, Mars! (She'll use a soccer-ball cake pan. 3-d. Can't wait.) He's all excited about it.....:grin:
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