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Previous Entry blah blah blah Mar. 1st, 2007 @ 08:47 am Next Entry
So, yesterday we took Himself to the doc.....he's got a really nasty sinus infection (yea!) and is back on antibiotics. Fun, fun, fun. At least it hadn't gone into his lungs!

NTIF will be a madhouse - looks like there's just 2 of us in the tent this year (at least on Saturday), so...I may not get a lot of spinning done. Eh. No biggie - the wheel will still attract a lot of attention, so we should be able to recruit new members pretty easily. No food allowed, again...bummer. Ah, well - such is the price of success.

Handed over the "cake toppers" last night - Hot Wheels had a Mars Exploration pack. Pathfinder is the perfect size for Himself's cake......this'll be interesting. Especially since he wants a)Pizza and b)Pastor's family to come. With NTIF this weekend...yeah, this'll get interesting really quick. :grin:
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