Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

NTIF: The Saturday Edition...

Argh. It was a madhouse. People everywhere. Not so many in Clan Village - they were all at the beer tents.

It was a year of weirdness - no handy people, no real drunks (I only personally ran into 1), just....I dunno. Lots of long hair - WORN LOOSE :shudder: - lots of super short hair...some hair that nature NEVER intended (the purple/blue/teal hair matched my wool, actually...)

I got 1.5 bobbins of laceweight spun up. I'll finish the 2nd today, and I'm bringing the humoungeous flyer so I can ply it up.

I also spun up some lovely golden retriever hair - the owner was thrilled with the 2-ply, and has a huge bag of combings for ME that she'll bring me in Arlington. I also got a "commission" to spin a lady's husky fur, and about 5 queries about selling my yarn. Guess I need to get off of my ass and crank up production. :smile:

I'll do a shopping report later - gotta grab breakfast, get garbed, and get on the road!
Tags: ntif

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