Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

NTIF, part deux

Yesterday was.....quieter, but busier, if that makes sense. Not as many crowds, but I had more watchers - intelligent questions, even! - and more interaction. (Might be because tall, dark and jealous was not in the area most of the day.....)

It was a better day overall than Saturday. I took the plying head, and got the purple/blue/green "scottish heather" yarn plied up (a lovely, lovely laceweight 2-ply that is destined, I think, to become a shawl for a cousin). I also got to play with some batts that ritaspins37 brought me on Saturday (Honey, we need to talk. I need to save everyone else the effort of turning these into decent yarn - really, I'll throw myself in the breech, take one for everyone else. :grin:) WONDERFUL stuff - spins like buttah, perfect, fine, even singles - NO neps, no lumps, no stickiness - beautiful! (Oh - I really really really need more of the blue. Lots more - like....a pound. Seriously. I have projects in mind!) The blue spins up like water, the green is a beautiful, new-grass green..the 2 purple blends will be spun and plied together; these 2 are to be kept seperate and fondled. A LOT. Go see her etsy site, or her LJ - this stuff is gold, I'm telling you!

*ahem* Sorry about that....anyway. I also spun up the Pyr hair that gypsybaby1 carded off of the 2 lovely furbabies Saturday afternoon. It became a lovely, perfect 2-ply, in between DK and worsted weight. Nice.....I'd like some more of that, too! :grin: report. Too much money was spent, but..ah, well. The haul: a pair of pearl earrings, to match my pearl-n-silver bun cover. 2 hair thingies (2 combs connected with beaded elastics...nice, holds wear, look cute), the latest Corsairs CD, pair of shoes for J., and a pin he bought me (don't ask. Really. Just - don't) We also dropped off my shoes to have them telling when I'll get 'em back, but it was cheaper than getting a new pair. (And..I do wear them occassionally. Not often, but occassionally.) Oh, and he spent WAY too much on his Scarbourgh Fair pass - I had NO idea it had gone up that drastically. (Have I mentioned he is still not employed? So MY money was used on this? And I am STILL BOYCOTTING them? No? Oh.....)

I am trying really hard not to do the "my money/your money" thing...but DAMN. To take MY money (since I am the only one currently gainfully employed) and waste it on something I am fundamentally against.....:deep breath: Yeah..I gots issues here. I'm working on it.

Anyway....NTIF was good. We passed out 4 applications (or was it 5? Anyway...more then we ever have here before) and had lots of visitors. Less drama would have been nice....but that ain't gonna happen for a long time, so I have to figure out how to deal with it without causing me more drama. I just..I dunno. I've already given up my limited involvement with RenFaires because of it, I really, REALLY don't want to give up my involvement with the Clan. :sigh: (And, for those who want to try and advise - it's seriously not me. I have tried and tried and tried, and I quit. I'm just gonna sit and nod my head from now on, because ain't nothing else gonna work. I've given up everything I'm going to give up - it didn't work, so......whatever.)
Tags: blather, ntif

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