Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness


We lost the puppy last night. I mean, not "lost" - he didn't disappear - but he had to be put down.

Sunday, while we were at NTIF, I missed a call from my neighbor. Finally got ahold of him....seems the wee puppy had stuck his head thru the fence, only he picked the wrong fence. He chose the fence in between my house and my neighbor's. Neighbor has dogs....1 of which is, well, vicious.

Bad dog decided he didn't like the puppy's head, so he...pulled him thru the fence. Neighbor heard the results, managed to remove the puppy, and rushed him to the vet.

*I* do not know all of the damage - I didn't want to know. I know he had a broken jaw, and massive head injuries (and I am assuming broken bones - puppy wouldn't fit thru the fence unless something was rearranged. Seriously.)

Now, why neighbor has bad dog, I don't know - it's attacked him and his wife before. I have warned the kids to avoid that fence - he's going to put up another one 2 feet away from ours, but Still......if anything happens to my children, there will be gunshots and lawsuits.

In other news, Life sucks.
Tags: blather, pets

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