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Doobie doobie doo...

Cleaned up the studio last night - I found my loom! And fiber I had forgotten! And and and..:lol:

I also sat down and plied up the 2 singles I spun from ritaspins37. The resulting yarns measure out at about 20 WPI each :boggle: - I don't have the yardage yet, but I'll do that tonight.

I spun them on the AA, and plied them on the Louet. Man, I don't know how people can *stand* Louet wheels..this one is clunky, and stiff to treadle, and just I've tried oiling (even though Louet says not to), I've vaselined the spot where the oriface rests, and....blah. I realize it's suited to bulkier yarns then I tend to spin, but......urg. I bought it to teach on, and I'll use it for that, but I Do.Not.Like.This.Wheel.

Of course, this means I'm now thinking of wheels, and starting to drool over Alden's site again. It IS that time of year, y'know, the time when the IRS sends nice checks out to those taxpayers who stupidly have too much money withheld......*ahem*. Yes, I have that antique Production wheel coming (sometime....soon as hugh_mannity can figure out how to best pack it and find someone willing to ship it down to me at a cost less than a new wheel), but....does it work? Is it up to cranking out the yarns? Will it hold up to the strain? Will it spin "popular"-sized yarns ( for worsted-weight 2-ply)?

See, I had a lot of interest in my yarns at NTIF. If I am going to sell yarn, I have to get serious about it....and I don't want to "taint" my fun wheels by forcing myself to spin on them for hours on end (although I *can*) - I'd rather have 1 wheel dedicated to the money-making side of things, and my other wheels for fun and demos and relaxation. (It makes sense to *me*, anyway)

It's a big commitment, money-wise, to order another AA. Worth it? Hell, yeah! Do I need it? *That's* the sticking point. I need to think on this some more...
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