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I'm doing something right!

Didn't get to weave much last night - Himself decided he HAD to weave, Right Now. *sigh* What's a mom to do?

I quickly warped up the inkle loom, and he had a blast. But, about 5 minutes later - "Mama. This isn't a, y'know, real loom like yours. I want to do yours!" I tried explaining that yes, the inkle loom *is* a *real*loom*, it's just easier to learn on, but no dice.

So, I grumbled and mumbled and got the 12H LeClerc Dorothy down. It's a table loom, with levers on the harnesses instead of treadles, and it has a 16" weaving width. He was in HEAVEN.

I, however, was in hell.....see, I had blocked out the reason I hated weaving on this thing. It's a PITA to warp - there's not a whole lotta room between the beater and the first set of harnesses, I can't find my favorite heddle hook (HD, very short, nice's AWOL and the 2 I can find are long, unwieldy things), so I was bumping my hand and wrist against the reed and harnesses. Ick.

Anyway, I got out some not quite nice red wool - it's itchy. It washes up beautifully, and blooms wonderfully, but I hate warping it - but he loved it. "So pretty!" was a common comment. 4 inches in the reed, at 6 EPI, 2 yards long.....he helped beam it, and I wove the first 2 inches or so.

Then, I turned him loose. He didn't do too badly for a first attempt - he is, after all, only 4. There's a few skipped threads, some interesting loops of weft....I'm trying to not "fix" it...but it's hard. He's got 1 part that is almost perfect - mine was a bit tight, I was going for maximum draw-in; his looks good, for about 3/4".

He told me last night that he wanted to get up early today and "loom". Everyone go "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". *g*

Now Herself is jealous......*sigh* I told her she could do the next project. She doesn't really *want* to weave, she just can't stand him doing something she can't. Maybe I should look into getting a HD Easy Weaver or 2 for Christmas...........
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