Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Whew! Is it Monday yet?

So...weekend was busy. Spent yesterday morning shopping - we hit the local Women's Shelter Thrift store, where I scored 5 dresses, 1 pair of jeans, a top/capri set, and a pair of overall shorts for me, 4 dresses and a hat for Herself, a ceramic lamb for the kitchen, and a KJV Bible for J., all for $68. :boggle:

Spent the afternoon tagging my fair entries - it's next week. I get to drop them off Wednesday....:ack: :grin:

Today the kidlets came home. ritaspins37 came by, and dropped off my blue batts and left with some of my $$. :grin: I scored some lovely blends to use for sales yarn - why should *I* dye it when she's done such a lovely job? :wink:

J. modified my clock reel - it measured out 2.5+ yard skeins....and every swift I've ever had (plus my nids) measure up to 2 yard. Since the reel is one of the least expensive toys I own, I had him shorten some of the arms. Soon as I get some yarn plied up and washed, I'll test it. :grin:

I need to get some sculpey - I saw a yarn holder for spinning wheels in the latest Spin-Off that I want to try and improve on. I just can't find the Sculpey I have lying around here....:ponder:

Am plying up the first batch of kilt-hose yarn now......froghair. The Louet is straining - I have to treadletreadletreadle to get enough twist in it :sigh: Ah, well....I contacted Alden yesterday about maybe, possibly getting a production wheel :blush: We'll see what he says...
Tags: blather, county fair, spinning

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