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And so it begins again....

heard from Alden. He suggested a motor spinner, but....ick. I'm a Luddite at heart, and prefer the manual powered wheels over electric (besides, the manual wheels are Pretty! And Wonderful! And and and...:grin:)

He said it sounds like a 28" Candian Production wheel will fit my needs - but I need to send him some current yarn samples first. No problem - I'll go dig some out tonight and send 'em off in the morning. He's willing to build me a 36" or even a :gasp: 39" wheel - but I dunno know if I need that kind of power (if I were male, maybe, but...:grin:)

The 28" is right at 1/2 the cost of a 36" or 39". I could get more for my money with that route...but. I'm lusting after the 36". :sigh:

I'll be sending the samples, and I told Alden to tell me what I *need*. Just because I want a 36" doesn't mean that'll be the best fit for me - I don't want to end up with too much wheel.

And no, there's never been any chance of me going with another brand of wheel. I'm spoiled, I know it, and am a very loyal customer. Besides, I prefer to buy from an individual rather than a company that mass-produces things. (Which is why J. is being sweet-talked into making stuff. Hair forks and small tools and and and...)
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