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Previous Entry Food for thought.... Mar. 22nd, 2007 @ 08:52 am Next Entry
Alden got the samples yesterday - yeah! And he didn't act like they sucked, so - Double Yeah! :grin: He did, however, give me lots more to consider before sending him a check...

Like, the 36" is impossible to ship - we'd have to travel, and either meet him halfway, or plan a vacation in CA. The main drawback here - if we go to CA, we *have* to visit Disney. The kids would mutiny if we didn't....and I'm not really sure I want to spend *that* kind of money...plus, hauling all the kids et al *to* CA isn't the problem; hauling the kids et al + a monster wheel home would be. (I guess I could strap the kids on top of the van.....huh. Must consider this...J/K!! :lol:)

Also, it doesn't really knock down - the legs and base do become "a pile o' sticks", but you still have a 36" drive wheel to contend with (how did he put it? Oh - "like hauling your own picnic table to the zoo") So.....I'm not planning on taking this wheel to demos, but you never know - it could forseeably happen. I need to expect it to go visiting at least once........:ponders:

Anyway, I fired back a few questions of my own: What's the wait list like now? 24 months? 36? (IOW, do I have time to plan a Disney vacation, or should I just forget it completely? :grin:) Can I get an extra flyer array for the 28", to make it more versatile? (Or even 2 extra....as long as the cost doesn't exceed the total for the 36", we're good) How difficult is the 28" to ship? (My 24" Norwegian was pretty easy - lots of boxes fit that size. The 30" antique has been a bit of a bugger...that is, *if* we follow UPS's packing guidelines :whistles innocently:) What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? :lol:

The shipping may be the deciding factor. I'm not to worried about outgrowing one of Alden's wheels - I haven't outgrown either of my other treadle wheels, after all, and they're 22" and 24" respectivly. (Remember, this is for "sale yarn" only, to get my mind in a production/perfection mode instead of my usual lounge-spinning, anything is good enough mode. It's just me.....that's why I have 3 saddles (and only 1 ridable horse at the moment) - 1 for shows only, 1 for serious schooling, and 1 for fun - trail rides, lazy riding down to the lake, etc. It helped both me and Dusty focus on the plan for each ride, instead of slacking off when we shouldn't)

So, lots to think about...

In other news, we dropped off our entries last night. At the last second, Himself decided to enter his model of the Alamo (J. did the cutting and fitting, he helped glue and paint it). They said sure, so....I didn't have to haul it home. :grin: They asked if I could demo tomorrow, but it's tax season, and I've already got next Friday off, so.....NEXT YEAR I will plan on taking that Friday off to demo (Promise, guys! I'll be there!) I've already got my baskets packed (roving/book/notebook/niddy/noste in 1, some samples in the other. Had to leave room for the entries to come home!)

I'll be at the Fair Grounds Saturday from about 10 AM to 4-ish PM, with....one of the AA's. I'm leaning towards the Norwegian, since it's what most people think of when they think "spinning wheel"...but we'll see. It's got the most bobbins (so I wouldn't have to stop, switch flyer arrays, and ply)...but....1 bobbin has some silk/merino on it, and I don't want to spin *that* in public, and I really don't want to wind off onto a storage bobbin yet - this bobbin's not full! (/whine). That's just an excuse....the Norwegian *is* smaller...so...yeah. :grin: (Bigger drive wheel, slightly larger footprint, but it's shorter, so the overall feeling is "small". It's actually pretty deceiving...:lol:)

Back to the 1120S.....fun, fun, fun.
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Date:March 22nd, 2007 06:22 pm (UTC)

Construction Project


Hi Fiber Addict,

Um....I was googling information about Neitherlin homes and came across your journal. After several attempts to figure out how to reach you via email as you suggested for questions, I ended up here.
My wife and I plan on moving to an area near Tyler Texas....a place called Arp.....I am from Central California and quite frankly cannot afford to live there, so we agreed on her hometown instead. I have been there several times and frankly that area of the country has some of the nicest people in the USA. We currently live in Virgina, and settled with Jim Walter Homes after checking out their Jim Walter demo in Fredricksburg Va. We planned on having the construction start in October
I was having a great last couple of months winding down a tour here in Afghanistan, thinking about moving into our new home. However, what turned out to be a simple Jim Walter+Homes+Comments search today lead me to 100 negative comments on a web site called Rippoff.com. The alleged stories were tragic. From all over the country peoples land and fortunes were wisked away by Jim Walters affinity to hire morons or drug addicts to build substandard housing. I searched around and found Neitherland only to find that they are affiliated with Jim Walter. Jim Walter is the parent company and Neatherlin is the only subsidiary that has not taken on the Jim Walter name. HMMMMM.

The question I have is.....finally......how is your Alamo house holding up? That incidentally is the one we selected to build if we chose Neatherland. After living in the house now for a few years, since 03 right? Would you recommend it? Any other builders you would recommend?

You likely won't want to use this forum as a homebuilding seminar, but if there is any good advice you have we would gladly take it.




(spin a yarn)
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