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I made it thru the whole RAOK ring today - whew! Lots of talented people, even if they don't weave. *g* Mostly knitters, which is cool, and even a few more spinners. Whoo Hoo! We are slowly taking over the world......

OK, I'm fine now, really. The cortisone injection today has done some weird things....I feel loopy. Ah, well - the joys of modern medicine!

I'd like some input here - I want to wind a new warp for more towels. These are going to be a twill sampler - 5 or 6 stripes of various twills, side by side in the warp and separated by a narrow, darker stripe.

What I want input on is: color. Should I warp up an all white warp (which will make the twill pattern appear in whatever color I use for weft) with a colored divider, should I do each stripe in a different color......decisions, decisions.

I have 4 colors of the 10/2 (EDIT: I was wrong yesterday - it's 10/2 not 8/2) yarn: white, forest-y green, burgundy, and blue marl. I can do all white warp, and do each towel in the various colors, I can do each stripe a different color and either use 1 color in the weft for each towel, or do a plaid by rotating the weft colors in the same sequence (or different) as the stripes...2 color warp and 2 color weft......

Oh, and I think I want to use the burgundy as the divider, unless I do each stripe a different color - in which case I'll dump the divider and just let the colors change naturally. Maybe, that is.....*g*

Ideas, people! If you were looking at handwoven dishtowels for your house, which would you prefer?

The all white towels I've done so far look wonderful, but I'm wondering about stain-age. (Not that it matters for me - I'll just weave more!!) The yarn is very fine, and the completed towels look very nice - almost heirloom. I was going for a more hand-crafted look, but I need heavier yarn for that. *g* Maybe the next time I order yarn (next year sometime the way it's looking right now. No biggie - I'm not yarn deficient by any means!!)

Leave your opinions, please - I'm almost done with this batch and I'm in a weaving mood. Gotta ride it while it's here!!
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