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Whoo Hoo!!!

The county fair is over, I am home, tired, and extremely happy!

I demo'd from about 9:30 to 3:30. Have 4 bobbins full of nice singles, and 1 bobbin about 1/4 full. Had lots of interest, and scored a 33 gallon garbage sack FULL of blue suffolk fleece (my mother will pick it up tomorrow, since the shepherd lives near her. Go me!!!

Oh, ya'll want the results, huh? :grin: Let's just say we cleaned up!

For those with click-thru phobias....Herself got a 1st for her drawing, and a 1st for her mosaic doorstop. Himself got a 1st and Best in Category for his herringbone scarf (which he gave to ME, so hahahahahahahaha!) and a 2nd on his Alamo. (Way to go Kids!!)

Me? Oh. Well...if you insist. 1st for my snowflake socks, 1st for my garter-stitch scarf, 1st for my handspun yarns, 1st for my huck dishtowel, 1st and Best in Category for my woven shawl/soon to be a jacket fabric, and a 1st and Best in Category (and lots of ooohs and ahhhhhs) for the worm-spit lace shawl. Whee!!

And, for the cynical out there, Yes, there were other entries not related to me in each category. :grin: (The yarns were in Weaving:accessories, and of course, were the only ones. I'm working on that...)

I'm chuffed!!

ritaspins37, I got all of the "clown spore" batts (orange/green/yellow) and all of the red/purple roving spun up. I'll be plying them up either tonight or tomorrow, and pictures *will* be posted at some point. The clown spore was a big hit - I need to do some colorways similar to this, I think...gotta drag out the dyepots! :grin:
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