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Hakunah Matata...


Previous Entry Hakunah Matata... Mar. 28th, 2007 @ 09:14 am Next Entry
Houston, we have acheived "Lion King" Tickets. It was a pain - Ticketmaster didn't like my credit card, didn't like my log in, and just, well, hated me - but I succeeded and we have the tickets!

Now...how to tell the kids that they have to wait until September.....:grin:

I have been a busy little bee lately. I plied up all the singles I spun at the Fair (348 yards of 2-ply there), spun up the 2 purply batts and got them plied, started spinning some yarn for a barter I'm doing (aran/worsted weight 2-ply in exchange for a Calorimetry for me - I have the yarn for mine, but wanted something "perfect" for the knitter), and I started some superwash singles last night. I have no clue what it's going to be, but it looks to end up aran/worsted. We'll see.

Herself and I will be at a Mother/Daughter retreat this weekend. We were told to "be sure and bring your Western clothes!", so I assume we will be having a hoe-down Saturday night (last year was a luau. Fun stuff - we got to learn the hula, and we learned how to shake our fatas off.) Should be amusing. :grin: Am thinking of starting a pair of socks for the weekend....don't know if my wrist is up to it yet, though. It still aches a lot (right now it's numb and owww-y...), but we'll see. I think I could fit the Louet in the van.......:grin:
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Date:March 28th, 2007 02:29 pm (UTC)
I *love* your user icon! It made me lol!
(spin a yarn)
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