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Previous Entry *whew* Apr. 1st, 2007 @ 03:54 pm Next Entry
Just got back from the Mother/Daughter retreat with Herself. It was a BLAST. Lots of good fun - we built scarecrows, we learned to line dance (well....the other pairs did. Both Herself and I detest Country Music, so we went to bed early last night), and the Food - OMG, the food!

Our synod's retreat center has a full-time chef - and he is worth every penny they pay him! I couldn't eat a lot of the things he served, so he went out of his way (and I didn't ask!) to make me something that I could eat. Totally awesome!

Lots of talking, lots of connecting - it was good. Even better than last year - and last year was great!

Now, to try and keep the connection going....:grin:
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