Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

blather... flesh out yesterday's exhausted entry :grin: - it rained and poured for - oops; it rained on us most of the day Friday. We didn't get caught in the downpour until we hit the Super-Target at 5....check in at the retreat wasn't until 7:00, so we had time to kill. I had started a sock at 10 AM....something to keep me busy during the "down times"

Anyway - we played games (upset the ark, anyone? How about Dr. Tangle?? :grin:)had a quick worship service at the "not-quite-so-raging campfire" in the fireplace, then hit the beds.

Saturday, I was up at 5; Herself slept in until 7. Breakfast was at 8 - wonderful as usual. We had a quick Bible Study, played more games,built scarecrows, then headed out for "talk time" with our daughters. Good times. Lunch was Prime Rib - WOW - then it was free time. I napped; Herself played with her new friends. We then hit the new barnyard to play with the cute li'l baby bunnies, goats, pigs, donkey, mini cow, and formerly abused horse. Oh, and cats. Dinner was chicken-fried steak (I guess to get us back in the "hoe-down" mood); I couldn't eat the potatoes or corn, so the chef sauteed me up some veggies (YUM!). We hit the lodge for the dancing - 2 songs in, I had to leave, as Country "Music"...well, sucks. Herself hung on for a few more songs, then came back to our room as well. We were in bed by 8, she was asleep by 8:15.

Sunday - Up by 6. We hit the playground for a bit, laughed at the April Fool's jokes (our room had been Saran-wrapped! The chef's' office was full of balloons! The chef hid all the silverware, so we had to "eat" with kitchen utensils. :grin:), then a wonderful outdoor service before we headed home.

I frogged the sock on the way to the van - it fit fine, as long as I already had a sock on. (I kinda figured it was going to be too big, but I kept going anyway). I had finished the gusset and was halfway down the foot - oh, well. I re-CO, and am doing a (fitted!) patterned sock this time (the ribbed lace sock from "Sensational Socks" if you care :lol:). I like it much better. :grin:

Lunch was Long John Silver's, then home. Whee!

Dinner was Chili's, which was cooking for *me* all weekend. Himself said he had fun with J. - but he can't remember what they did. :silly grin:

I need a vacation to recover from my retreat!
Tags: blather, kids

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