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Is it nap-time yet?

Hmmm...I thought I had uploaded a picture of the yarn I'm using (spun from the "Deep Sea" Romney roving dyed by redmelde), but I can't find it anywhere. Judging from my handspun page on my webpage, there's a LOT of yarns that I thought I had uploaded, but apparantly haven't. I guess I know what I'll be doing on Friday...

Anyway, the yarn is gorgeous (you can sorta see it on the County Fair page - next to the purple/green/blue skein); it's an almost perfect sock-weight (!) and it's knitting up awesomely! The yarn itself is teal/pale green/purple (very, VERY sea-like); the resulting fabric is striped. Seriously - this sock starts out light greeny-teal, then deepens, then *purple stripe*, then back thru the light's cool.

The ribbed lace pattern sorta looked like waves to me, which is why I chose it - and man, it works with this yarn!

Too bad my wrist hates size 2 needles....I was fine all weekend on the size 3s. The sock fabric was limp and drapey, but hey - it was "busy work" I didn't care...until I realized exactly HOW LARGE it was. :grin: The 2s are spot on for socks - but I have to stop every few rounds to let the left wrist rest. :bummer: I'm only 4" into the this much knitting over the weekend, I was at the heel flap. :sigh: Ah, well - I like this sock much better, so it's all good. :grin:

No more size 2s or smaller, though - I'll have to spin my sock yarns a little thicker so I can use 3s on them. (I like heavier socks, so it's good.) Of course, I *could* dust off the CSM and crank 'em out....must think on this.
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