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I turned the heel and am headed down the gusset decreases. I LOVE turning heels - they are fun and magical - but I *hate* the gusset decreases, especially on patterned are doing 2 different things at once, and have to keep track of both the pattern and the decrease rows. Difficult for this blonde!

In case you're wondering - yes, I am working. We are in the midst of tax returns - the hard part is over, and now we're reviewing and finessing them. I get to sit in front of the 'puter, waiting patiently whilst the Tax Advisor and CFO (fancy name for "co-worker" :grin:) review it: "Hmmm. What's this #?" "I dunno - Fiberaddict, go to Form 1120S, Page 2, Line 14d(c)(3), and tell me what that consists of." Whee! I go, I click, I say "It's WI, TX, Rev less Exps, plus WI, CA, Rev less Exps, Not Inc. LOEs". "Oh. OK"

Over and over and over......except when I get to :gasp: CHANGE an entry! Then we get to reprint all 145 pages, and start the whole wonderful process over again! Then we get to go to Mrs. Boss's 1040, and start changing *it*, which, of course, causes changes back on the 1120S...and so forth, and so on.

Needless to say, I have lots of down time right now. So....I work on the current sock. Did I mention I turned the heel? :grin:

It's loverly, and I need pictures. I will get pictures Friday, and will attempt to post same. I love this sock, more than I've loved any other sock I've knit. Except m maybe the "Winter" lace ones. Oh - and the "Autumn" ones. And the other handspun ones I've done. :grin:

I've also decided - once again - to only handknit handspun patterned socks, and use the CSM for the commercial sock yarns/plain jane socks. To spare my wrists, you see. (How long do you think I'll hold out *this* time? Last time was what - 2 weeks? :lol:)

Well, back to it - we found an error!! Whee!!!!
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