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Well...went to the VBS meeting last night. It wasn't exactly what we thought it was gonna be. We had been asked to brainstorm all week, and bring our ideas to the table to discuss them and hammer out a plan - VBS is next Saturday (Yup. 1 day. We don't have the kids to justify a whole week. Plus, it's a farming community. Most of the parents don't have the time right now.)

One mom completely took over. On the one hand, I don't mind it - I've learned that she/he who suggests something is generally in charge of it, and I much prefer being in the background.

On the other hand, she had everything scheduled, laid out, everything. Unfortunately, she seems to be a control freak. Whenever one of the others would suggest something, we got a "Well, yeah, that could work, but if you'd read my outline, you'd see that I already have something similar scheduled". Great, yeah, thanks for waiting for our suggestions.

She did make changes if the other 3 of us liked an idea better than hers. I guess that's good...but still. We had all volunteered, and are all willing to *do* things. When it got down to the "you're gonna go get *this*, and *you* are gonna go get that" portion of the planning, she had already put her name down by most of the list. Fine - I don't really have the time to do all the elaborate stuff she's got on there, but I'd like to think I'm good for something other then procurement.

I get to go pick up T-shirts. Yes, I will be reimbursed, but still - T-shirts. I also am providing one of the crafts - it's a safari theme, and Leather Factory has the way cool coin pouches in various animal shapes. I had grabbed 3 of the bug and reptile varity, and the others *loved* them. Unfortunately, I only got 12.....we are planning for 26, and will probably have 15 show. Leather Factory has a great return policy....

Ahh, well, I won't dwell on it. Life's too short. But at least now I know what I'll be dealing with here....and will know not to put a lot of effort into something that she is also involved in. Stay-at-home moms.....what a concept! I do wish I had the time to do things that she obviously has, but that's ok. I am pretty cool with life the way it is right now. Ask me tomorrow - that may change - but for right now, life is OK.
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