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Previous Entry Oh, yeah..... Apr. 12th, 2007 @ 08:34 am Next Entry
Well, today will be a *wonderful* day </sarcasm>

It actually started yesterday....we placed our lunch order at a restaurant we've gone to many, many times, and they screwed it up. Not just a little, no - the whole thing was wrong, they forgot half the order, and they forgot to give us the discount. We worked it out....but still.

I left 30 minutes early for a meeting (personal stuff..)...which didn't happen. :sigh: Ah, well - I got 30 extra minutes of free time. Which got spent trying to get Himself to do his homework.....At least the report cards were good - both kids made the Honor Roll (of course! :grin:); Herself was on the A/B, he was on the A, so that was good (and it means pizza for tonight!)

I didn't get much sleep (gee, it's tax-time, stress levels are at an ALL TIME high...wonder why I'm not sleeping???), the morning was a wreck....and then.

THEN I get to work, find out we have a rush meeting with the Financial Advisor re: State Taxes for the 1040 (which, gee....we haven't even *started* on yet....they're not due until Tuesday, after all....), grab a bottled water so we can dive in and knock it out, and the phone rings. I grab it...and dump the water all over my desk. :sigh: The kicker? The caller refused to say anything, and finally hung-up on me.

Yeah, this is going to be a *great* day.....
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