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What a weekend!

Thank goodness it's almost over!

Yesterday was Rally Day at church, so I spent all morning cooking lasagne sauce. Popped it in the oven at 3, pulled it out at 4 and hustled to the church where most of it was devoured.

The kids had fun - Herself and me played egg toss, and did pretty well. The first time we got to 25 feet before it cracked (all over her hands!); the 2nd time we were at 30 feet and she zinged it over my head. No way to catch that one!

Himself helped in the Tug o war - he was the token male on the girls side (we won - I just anchored the line, I didn't pull), then it was adults vs. kids (we let go and laughed as they domino'd down in the grass). They also had a 3 legged race, bingo, dominos....lots of fun was had by all.

I hauled the Joy wheel out there, and spent a delightful couple of hours spinning Green Dragonhair. Lots of questions, lots of offers to "help" from the kids (I let them try to treadle) - I think there's quite a few new fiber-fiends forming. I'm trying to figure out an excuse to haul a loom up there.....*g*

Speaking of looms, I have found another table loom - we are working on the exchange part now. The kids are excited - Himself has decided that he wants to make Christmas presents for everyone. Herself is undecided - she wants to weave, but I think it's just sibling rivalry. I hope I'm wrong...but we'll see.

I mowed the back yard yesterday (Dad helped) with the push mower...Dad got it running finally. That sucker is heavy!! And I don't know *what* I was thinking in setting my back yard up the way I did - it's huge! Not as big as the front, but really too big for a push mower. I did the front around the house this afternoon - I'll do the rest after I pick up some gas for the Kubota. No push mower for *that* - it's almost a full acre!

Gonna go feed the horses now, then it's back to the loom! I just finished dishtowel #7 (or is it 8?? I need to unwind and re-count).

Dishtowels v. 1.2 will be striped (thanks, lea bob!) in green, burgundy, green, blue repeat ad infinitum, then woven off in a white weft. I have some slate blue in an 8/2 that I'll use to separate the stripes (I think, anyway....must compare the colors). I'm going to warp it as a twill sampler, so each stripe will be different twills, and I can change the treadling and have different blocks in each color, as well. I'm thinking I can do a couple in the twill blocks, and a couple in 1 treadling for the whole towel...that should give me enough variety that I don't get bored of them. It also makes it fun to do, if every towel is different. It also gives me more prezzies, because if I have matching ones, I feel that they should go to the same person. *g*

I also need to get cracking on the quilted potholders. *sigh* So many ideas, so little time!!
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