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Big demo...

We had over 1500 people thru the door today - and this is at a rinky-dink :grin: small-town Heritage Festival! :boggle:

I hauled along the Norwegian wheel, the RH loom, all the batts the lovely ritaspins37 carded up for me (BTW, the postlady wasn't really pleased at my banging on the door at 6:30 this morning, but I HAD to have this box! Worth getting up early for!!)....I got all the bright clown spore and the sapphire/fuschia spun up - to the tune of *6* bobbins of laceweight singles! :boggle: I had to put the half-full bobbin of wool/silk I had been spinning at home just so I had something to do the last hour.....

Also got about 1/3 of a scarf woven. The kids LOVED it - which is why I haul the loom along. :grin: I have another demo Monday, Apr 30 (I have the day off - personal stuff) at the High School - the teacher is working on "cottege industries" and wants a sheep to fabric demo. I can do that! :grin: Think I'll save the darker clown spore for it.....maybe. I'll haul along some of the washed wool I have, my hand cards, and the wheel and loom. Fun stuff!

AND - a lady will be bringing me a bag of ANGORA fluff (for ME!! FREE!!) and a bag of collie fluff to spin for her (PAID!! Whoo Hoo!) So...all in all it was a Good Day.

Think I'll start plying up some of those singles now...
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