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I love my Postman... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

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Previous Entry I love my Postman... Apr. 25th, 2007 @ 10:09 am Next Entry
why? Because I got my box from Carol Lee last night. Whoo boy! 3 pounds of white roving (I'll be firing up the dyepots soon!) 1 pound of reds, 1 pound of browns, and 1 "grab bag" - it's got wool/mohiar blend, blues, whites....1 pound of mixed goodness.

Sneaky wench that she is, she threw in a 4 oz sample of "Blue Lagoon" - a superwash factory 2nd......*she* claims it's the exact color of an Icelandic lagoon. I wouldn't know about *that* - it looks to me like a perfect example of a N. Texas Spring sky (erm, the kind that happens the day after a large Thunderstorm, with wispy clouds..) - just beautiful. I know what I need to do on payday....:grin: She's got some saffron yellow superwash I'm eyeballing - I'm seeing a trip thru the dyepot...red in one section and orange in another....Firey roving! Fire socks to match the "water"/seaweed socks I'm currently working on. (Why not - I've already got the "seasons" sock set 1/2 complete, and the wool for # 3 (Spring) dyed up - EE dyes - so.....yeah. Might as well start on the Elements, yes? :lol:)

All the wool is Brown Sheep millends, so, while they are first-rate quality, they don't cost as much because they aren't in perfect shape. Doesn't matter to me - they spin just as well as the more expensive stuff.

I foresee some long sessions at the wheel...and most of this will be spun for sale, so - go me! :grin: The Blue, however...is MINE. (Errr, Himself's....he wants it for...something. Herself is eyeballing the reds, but I have a pound of that, so -enough to share!)

Still slogging away on the sock. Didn't get much done last night - I spent the evening working in the attic and garage. I'll be moving the fiber/yarn stash out there to free up space in the studio - I'm tired of tripping over the table looms/warping reel/blocking reel/etc. *IF* I calculated things correctly, there will be plenty of room for both storage units (the pie safe (wool) and armoire (yarn)) where I have 2 shelving units now - and all the stuff that's on the current shelves will fit on the other shelves along the "front" wall of the garage....the seasonal decorations are now all up in the attic, neatly arranged (don't ask HOW I got the containers up there...it was Not Fun), most of the tools have been shifted around together....still lots to do, though. I'm hoping to have it done by this weekend. :fingers crossed:

Well, lots to do today!
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