Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Ugh...I'm tired!

And well I should be - I've been rearranging and cleaning the Garage of Doom. In order to meet last year's goal of a clean studio, I've decided to move the fiber/yarn stash out into the garage...that way I have room for the table looms/spinning wheels/warping reel et al in the actual studio. *AND* still have room to walk!

So. I had to clear off and move 2 shelving units, put a whole shitload of stuff up in the attic, rearrange the 4 shelving units that are now lining the front wall, move out the cleaning chemicals from the house......all that's left is to clear out the space where the 2 units were so I can move the pie safe (fiber) and armoire (yarn).

We won't discuss reorganizing the fiber/yarn stash once the units are moved....I am dreading *that*. :grin: Especially since my last order from The Sheep Shed is in the front room...and my current order is in route, and the fiber from Abby is at the PO....:big grin:

I gotta go get some moth balls and Hefty hold-all sacks. I didn't see signs of current rodent population...but I want to be safe.

:yawn: Think I'll go to bed now...
Tags: blather

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