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Finally! Been a long week...and the weekend looks to be even longer, but hey - at least I'll be at home!

Looked at the garage this AM - looks good. Not as daunting today as it was last night - I still have a pile o'crap to haul off before moving furniture, but I can see the floor now. :grin: I'm dreading unloading the fiber....seriously. I have *no* clue what all's in there....

Nearing the end of sock #2. I'm cruising on down the foot now - 28 rounds to go before starting the toe. Whee! Of course, I'm starting to slow down - the realization that I need to plan a new project is creeping up on I'll knit slower to put it off a bit longer. :grin:

I miss my AM phone calls from the MIL..but oh, well. That situation will either work itself out, or not, and there's nothing I can do about it. It hurts...but she made her choice, and left me No Choice. :sigh:

Ah, well - I forsee lots of stash shopping tomorrow, and dyepots galore. IF I get the stuff done early....which I think I will...if not, then Sunday will feature lots of color.
Tags: blather, dyeing, spinning

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