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I'm tired!

And well I should be. The fiber stash and part of the yarn stash have been moved (the other part of the yarn stash has been re-homed. See, this is what happens when you get conned into helping me play with my fiber! :grin:). The studio has been rearranged - both table looms are in there now, along with the swift, the bobbin winder, my distaff, and 2 new shelving units. The Glimakra has been shifted around...I have lots of space now.

The front room is almost back to normal...there's still some rearranging to do there, but I'm too tired to do more. I'll hit it again tomorrow and finish up.....

And - I had NO IDEA that I had so much fiber. :blush: more impulse buys for me until I get most of this spun up! Seriously.....
Tags: blather
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