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Is it Friday yet?


Previous Entry Is it Friday yet? May. 1st, 2007 @ 03:01 pm Next Entry
Yesterday was long.....very long. The visit to the therapist went well - I am discharged, for the moment, but the kids have to go on a 1x a week schedule for the time being. :sigh: At least they are getting the help they need.

Work...is. Could be worse.

Got my 2nd box from Carol Lee yesterday - beautiful saffron, bright blue, and...3 more pounds of white wool. The yellow is destined for the dyepot - I need a nice, firey blend for my "Elements" socks - part of the blue is, too, later - I think the straight blue will work for "Air". :grin: (What? You thought I was joking? I have the "Water" socks almost done - 12 rounds to the toe. I have 2 of the 4 seasons done...have the roving for "Spring" dyed, and 1 batch spun up. Gotta keep projects in line!)

I have sock yarn on the Norwegian now - lovely stuff. Gotta get it finished so I can move on to something...larger. This froghair stuff is lovely, but takes for-freaking-ever to spin thru 8 oz.

Also got 2 new hair forks - 1 from Jimfo43 and one from 60th Street Productions (both on eBay - go, my minions, and shop!). They are BOTH gorgeous, and smooth as glass, and hold my hair up beautifully. I am really impressed with their work.....I'll be watching them to see what other beauties I can score later. :grin: (Need wool for a big scarf order, first....4 scarves, need to get 'em done, and I have no WOOL YARN to do them in. Woe! :lol:)

My transmission is slipping...I forsee a new car payment in the near future. :sigh: And I only owe 10 payments on this one.....oh, well. I need something reliable. :bigger sigh:
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spin a yarn
Date:May 2nd, 2007 02:15 am (UTC)

'tis Kae, slipping out of the moat

To wish you a fond hello, and see how you are holding up! It's been a while since I was able to come say hi, and I see that I've missed a lot :-( However, your season socks sound like a lovely idea... Kae (http://faerieladyfibers.com is the blog now)
(spin a yarn)
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