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Tee Hee...


Previous Entry Tee Hee... Sep. 15th, 2004 @ 03:42 pm Next Entry
I sent out 2 RAOK's today, have another ready to go (just need to verify the recipient) and 1 more almost finished (just need to get pictures). What fun!

Almost have the next warp wound and chained. This set will be burgandy and blue stripes, with a narrow white stripe at each edge and a narrower stripe in between the colors. I'll thread each stripe in a different twill pattern and see what happens.

Also got confirmation on an order I placed yesterday. Whee! 4 pounds of 8/2 cotton, 2 boat shuttles (1 blue, 1 red), a new reed hook....can't wait! 1 of the yarns is out of stock until next week, so it'll be a bit, but still - I got the yarn at $5/0.5 lb! Not too shabby! I've already started planning the things I'll weave out of this batch - a curtain for my studio is near the top of the list!

I made most of the curtains in my house, but for my studio I really really want a handwoven one. I just need to find the right draft (I'm leaning toward Huck Lace, but we'll see) and then I'm off!

Gotta run - it's almost quitting time!

OOOH - UPDATE!!!! Just got a confirmation on the table loom! We will pick it up on Sunday afternoon!! Yee Haw - now my studio will be quiet again - no more reason to fight!!!!
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