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I got a *wonderful* package in the mail this evening! A while back I had sent Snowy from LHC 2 skeins of handspun; the agreement was she got to pick her favorite, then knit me up a Calorimetry out of the other one and send it back to me. I sent a skein of Dragonhair (Emerald Wings, I think - blue/white/green/sparklies) and the Najavo-plied blue/purple/green wool.

I got my Calorimetry today!!! Dragonhair gorgeousness -with a celtic knot button. Whee! Let's's May. Hmmm......November sure is a long way aways...:grin:

The sock is finished except for grafting, which will occur as soon as I can find a darning needle. Time to start spinning the Fire roving...:grin: Pictures WILL be coming - I took some of the roving this AM, just need to upload them.
Tags: blather, knitting, socks, spinning

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