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When it rains....

it pours, huh? :grin:

My A/C started leaking. Let me take that back - it's BEEN leaking for a good while (yes, I mentioned it. "Don't worry about it!" :sigh:) - long enough that I had 1/4" of water in the crawl space behind the filter. Luckily, my mother lives close enough that she could run over this AM and meet the repairguy....$250 later (OUCH!), my A/C drain has been blown out, the coils have been cleaned, hosed, and...whatever, and the unit has been fully serviced. Whee.

Not only that, but my transmission is slipping. Badly. Again - "Don't worry about it!" Well, I'm not - I'm gonna trade the van in as soon as I make a few more payments (better trade-in the less I owe). I only owe 11 payments anyway.....

Dad took the electric mower home - I managed to kill it. He'll look at the weed whacker next'll run, but only for a few seconds before choking. I checked the fuel/oil mixture, and it's ok, the spark plug was new last season (and I didn't use it much), dunno what's going on there.

Me and electronics = not a good mix. I'll stick with my foot-powered spinning wheels, even though Alden really wants me to get an electric one..I'm afraid of what would happen. :silly:

Ah, well - the flame yarn is *awesome*. 80 stitches on size 1s....oooof. But, the ribbing is looking *just* like what I wanted - can't wait to start the actual pattern! My wrists don't like the 1s, but....they'll have to deal. I really, really like how this is knitting up.

My "elements" socks will all be lace, I think. The "seasons" set will be all different - Autumn is a plain Jane sock, Winter is lace...Spring will be fair-isle-y (4 colors of wool dyed with Easter Egg Dyes - 1 of which is spun), and Summer will be entrelac (I think...we'll see.). I'm thinking for "Air" I'll use the blue blend from ritaspins37, and for "Earth"...natural wools. I have brown, and grey, and black (and of course, white)....but I'm still thinking on it. Gotta get the right colors/pattern combo before I start.
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