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I'm still alive

and kicking! Just busy busy busy...

Saturday was the Mother/Daughter/Friend brunch at church. It was great - we played a few games, had awesome Italian food (Lasagna and/or Chicken Fettucini Alfredo, with garlic rolls and strawberry rum cake), I sang (part of a quartet)...lots of fun. Herself enjoyed it, as well - Himself got to play all day, so he was cool - AND he got to have a Lunchable, so all was right in *his* world. :grin: After we got home, I had to run back to the dealership, so I took the Zoey-monster. No one believed me when I told them about her...they doubt no more. :evil grin: She demanded royal treatment from everyone there, then scoped out the floor for the proper napping spot. Totally hysterical....

Got home and re-reorganized the garage. I'm down 1 shelving unit now...I still have to tidy it up a bit, but things are better (and much more livable now!) Mom helped - it was much needed. I did discover that my water softener is leaking - the pipes weren't (apparantly) sealed correctly. I'll work on that next week. Or I'll hire a professional. :shrug:

Mother's Day was OK. Church was good, the nap was better...:grin: My dad came over; we watched a few movies, had dinner...good times.

I'm up to the heel flap on Fire Sock #1. It's looking good...need to get a picture. (You've heard *that* one before! :grin:) I'm trying to find some wooden #1s, as the metal ones are tearing up my hands.

Suppose I should get to work now...
Tags: blather, knitting, pets, socks

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