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And it's only Tuesday....... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

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Previous Entry And it's only Tuesday....... May. 15th, 2007 @ 10:50 am Next Entry
Well, good news on one front, anyway - the kids are doing *so* much better! The Therapist is *very* pleased at their progress - thank the Lord I got them out when I did, so no lasting damage was done. We're keeping to 1x a week for the moment, but he thinks we'll be able to go to 2x month soon. *whee!*

Nothing untoward is going on....lots of rumors, but I am ignoring them. (Cryptic, much? :grin:)

And, for all you mechanically-minded folks out there...what can you tell me about GM's Vortec V8 engine with Actual Fuel Management Technology? (I think that's right....this is the one that supposedly shuts off 1/2 the cylinders when you're cruising down the highway to increase your MPG.) It sounds...almost too good to be true. I've looked it up, but only understood 1 word out of every 10....:weak grin: Mechanically minded I am Not! :grin:

Am slowly cruising down the gusset. This is the part I hate - the fun part of the sock is done (the heel), I've figured out the pattern (cuff/leg), so now it's just knit knit knit until I get to the toe. The decreases are mindless - I set them up to occur on the non-pattern rows, so I don't have to remember to do 2 things at once :grin: - and it's BORING. Plus, I have to do another one just like it! The metal needles suck..I keep hoping my ebony ones hit the PO so I can try them out, but so far, no luck. Ah, well...gotta figure out a nice pattern for the next sock in the series...(and spin the yarn, but we won't mention that, will we? :smile:)

Need to order the yarn for the scarves....gotta get at least 1 loom warped up so I can Weave. Dishtowels are percolating....just gotta settle on a plan. (That's 2 looms...what should I put on #3? :grin:)

Not much else to report...
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