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Happy Friday..

in which Dishtowels v.1.0 are Off the Loom and ready to be cut apart and hemmed before wet finishing them. If my serger had cooperated this AM, they'd be here in the office being hemmed as we speak (write? whatever)..but no, the serger had to be contrary. Guess my MIL needs to come over and threaten it again. *g*

They turned out wonderfully well! My first "fine" weaving (OK, all you real weavers out there, stop snickering! I've not woven with anything sett closer than 15 epi before - this was at 20. Dishtowels v. 1.2 will be sett at 24, just to see what that does to them), and it went easily once I got that sucker beamed. 9 1/2 towels....and I only planned for 8.

Warp #2 is wound, chained, and on the loom. I will swap the reed out tonight, and hopefully start sleying it. Might wait until tomorrow...we'll see. I'm antsy to get back to the rhythm of weaving.

We are set to pick up the new to us table loom Sunday afternoon. Both kids are excited...hmmm. Maybe I should get them to help me wind a warp for each of them so they can both weave when we get home Sunday? That might keep them out of my hair......for maybe 5 minutes or so. *g*

I've been looking at clock reels on Ebay (dangerous stuff, that!) There's 2 in the Spinning category that look good...1 is only $11.50 or so and the other is $24.99. I'm trying to tell myself I don't *really*need* a clock reel...but it's not working. *sigh* I'm avoiding it right now, hoping that the auctions will end before I break down and bid.

Think I'll call Alden this afternoon and check on my new baby. He told me it should be ready by Oct. 1......I'm ready. I'd like to haul it to the Bedford Highland Games instead of that &*^%&*%^& Ashford Joy. (The Joy is a nice wheel, but it is *not* efficient *at*all*. Alden has spoiled me - I prize efficiency in my wheels. Plus beautiful woodwork.)

Oh, and if any of ya'll are wanna be weavers, check out Camilla Valley , they have 8/2 cotton, dyed colors, for $5 per half pound. Shipping on my order (4 pounds of yarn, 2 shuttles, and a reed hook) is only going to be $14. Not too bad!

AND, Trout Fishing in America has a new CD coming out Nov. 7 (Merry Fishes, I think)- check them out! They are a *wonderful* group with hysterical "kids" songs.....that aren't just for kids. Honest! I have almost all of their "family" CD's (sounds better than kids, right?) and we play them all the time.
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