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My Saturday has been...not so very productive. Sat at the dealership for 2 hours before accepting a loaner car, ran to town to eat, went back, discovered that the Service guys did NOT do everything they were supposed to...:sigh: I get to call Monday and see *why* they didn't, and find out when they'll be able to meet my schedule and finish the bloody job /rant.

Did a Hask Henna'n'Placenta treatment on my hair last night - my hair is now very happy! The ends are no longer velcro-y, it's shiny, bouncy, and v.v. soft. It's down right now - all 27" of it. :grin: 3" to waist...not that I'm measuring or anything. :wry grin:

Did get some sock knitting in this AM - I am now halfway down the foot. Lantern Moon replaced the broken ebony needle...with one that broke in transit :rolls eyes: I think this is a sign that I need to try a differnt type of wood..or something. Metal #1s and my wrists do not make for happy knitting. :sigh:

I started on the next pair of socks last night :grin: - I started spinning for the "Air" pair. ritaspins37 makes lovely, wonderful, easy to spin batts...and the blue/white/green ones I bought (a full pound! Whee!) will make absolutely *perfect* socks. I just need to find the proper lace pattern for "Air". :ponder: Then I have to decide what to use for "Earth"....natural wools? Dyed wool in "earth tones"? Hmmm........

And, for the record - no, these are *not* magikal (or magical) socks :grin: The "set" is simply a way to get myself to actually *finish* a project, and will net me 4 pairs of related (sort of) socks. I won't tell you how many single socks I have laying around here...:whistles innocently: By having a series going (or...two, actually, if you count the "Four Seasons" I've started as well), I have a set goal that is attainable, with concrete projects...and it's fun to try and match the yarn to the subject matter. ("Spring" is already dyed - with easter egg dyes! - and will probably be Fair Isle (just need to settle on a pattern and spin up the wool)...Summer will most likely be entralac (the ones from the '96 issue of Spin Off!), but I'm still contemplating colors. They must be bright, and "hot"....Red, yes, and Yellow - but what other colors? How many? Carry the entralac thru the foot, or stop at the heel? See the problem? :grin:)

No progress on the weaving front. I'll be ordering the yarn next week (my tractor will be paid! off! This! Month!!), then I can get cracking on the commissioned scarves. It'll then be Dishtowel time!! (I love weaving dishtowels - useful finished object that is fun and fast to weave. What's not to love??)

Gotta go feed the horse-children!
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