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Sunday Contemplations...

I've been thinking a lot lately...about a lot of things. Mainly my faith, and how it relates to the rest of my life. While I was doing "maintenance" in the Living Room today, I had an idea that tied in to the children's sermon I'm going to write it down so I can remember it.

I have slipcovers on all my furniture in the Living and Family rooms (2 sofas, 1 loveseat, 1 chair). The first set was bought a few days after Steve and I bought the set that is currently in the Family Room - it was our first "real" furniture, bought brand new from the furniture store, and neither one of us wanted the kids to ruin it. So, I tossed some extra sheets on them....that worked for a bit, but it was a bit...well, low class.

I ran out and bought some of those cheapie "throw" slipcovers....that don't really work at all, but hey - it didn't look quite as quaint as the sheets did. Then Steve died, I got big dogs....and realized that my furniture would get ruined if I didn't do something.

Enter eBay - I got a set of Sure-fit covers dirt cheap. Finally - I had joined the upper-low class! :grin: Indigo covers with natural trim - they were fitted, they were machine-washable - what's not to like?

When the kids and I moved to this house, I bought a set of moss green suede cloth. I paid full-price for them :gulp:, but they were higher-class (we're up to lower middle, now! :grin:), they went with the new color scheme - and now I had 2 sets, 1 to wash, and 1 to use.

The furniture in the Living Room is all Thrifted - cheap, but in good shape. Neither piece matches (although the sofa actually *almost* matches the set in the Family Room - Divine Providence, there!), so slipcovers were NOT an option - they were a necessity. eBay to the rescue again - a nice set in Saddle suedecloth....which the dogs LUVVVV. :grin:

Anyway, we're up to 3 sets each room now, and I was swapping them out today. I realized that most people treat religion like slipcovers - they don't really *live* it, they simply "cover up" with it. "Well!" you say. "I Go To Church every Sunday. I do my Daily Bible Study. I don't know What You Are Talking About!" Yeah, I hear ya. I've been there, too.

But, do you LIVE it? Do you actually try to live up to what you hear/read in church, or do you just sort of coast along? Do you acknowledge your sins (and man - that hits home! I know I'm a sinner, but I'm just now realizing how much of one I am!) - I mean, OK, so you don't actually KILL people.....but did you know that gossiping kills their spirit? Remember 'Thou shalt have no other gods before ME"? Yeah...what about the TV show you just can't miss? Or that book by your favorite author that you just HAVE to have? I could go on and on....but I'm already shrinking inside over my own faults, here....or how about the time you got greedy and bought the last 25 cans of your favorite soda, just because it was on sale. You didn't need them...but hey, it was a good price, and you have space in the pantry for them! (oops. I gotta stop saying that - other people may need that bargain, too!)

Nobody's perfect - we all sin, all the time. We all toss slipcovers over it, and hope it's good enough....but ya know, it's not. In fact, none of us are worthy to stand in front of the Heavenly Throne...except by G*d's grace.

The children's sermon today was on duct tape and Nails. We use duct tape to fix everything (Herself exclaimed "Yes! Duck Tape holds the Universe together!!....:grin:), but G*d uses nails. Think about that His Grace in allowing His Son to be nailed to the cross, we're all saved. Whoa.

We just have to believe it....and *show* it. Didn't Paul say "by their works you shall know them"? Do people know your faith by watching you......or do they think that you are just like them? I know *I* need to work on this about you?
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