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Previous Entry Whew! May. 29th, 2007 @ 08:37 am Next Entry
Weekend was good. The kids went on a youth-group campout (Herself actually overnighted; Himself just day-tripped it) at Tyler State Park on Saturday. Both of them had a *blast*. Sunday, they decorated the graves at the church's cemetary.

Yesterday was - pleasant. It was *drastically* different from years past (not by *my* choice) - no dragging everyone out of bed early to hit the road, no long drives...just a nice, sleepy morning, enjoying the day with the kids, doing whatever they wanted (which included lots of movies, Kosher hot dogs for lunch, and Pizza! for supper). I missed the adult camaraderie a little; the kids could've cared less. It was a very relaxing holiday. I'm looking forward to July 4th! (for more than one reason...:grin:) The kids were a lot less frazzled, and in pretty good moods this morning (they were even relatively easy to wake up - will miracles never cease?!)

Both fillies are doing great. Moonie is starting to settle in...she's still for sale, though.

No swimming - yet - as we've had Scottish weather the past few weeks. Damp. Cool. Lots of rain. (Food prices will be going thru the roof soon - the crops are getting *too* much water. Just a friendly heads-up) The pool is *spotless*, but it'll still be spotless when the rain decides to move on.

Got a lot going on right now....I'll be posting my thoughts in a bit, once I get them in a legible order. We're making changes at the house - eveyone's on board with it, and I have legitimate reasons.....(religion stuff.)

Anyway, gotta get the work sorted out.
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