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Previous Entry And - it's a... May. 30th, 2007 @ 07:12 pm Next Entry
GIRL! That's right folks, we have 3 for 3 this year - it's a BANNER year for us!

Here's the newest jewel in our crown - Erynne's 2007 filly:

A side view to show off her *perfect* confirmation!

and, the obligatory head shot to show off that beautiful Arabian dish.

Whee - 3 fillies! What odds are those - methinks I need to pick up a lotto ticket. :grin:

"Red" is still at the stud farm. Erynne's breeder has no more horses with her bloodlines, so I agreed to sell her back...but I am KEEPING this foal. She's MINE, all MINE...bwahahahahaha. :grin:

Let's see...I now have 2 from Ralvon Elijah lines, and 1 new one from Dusty (Magic is Dusty's daughter, too - and Finn, of course, is his (and Erynne's) son). Can't breed any of the new fillies to either of my studs....huh. I gotta think about this one......:grin: What a thing to have to worry about! :bigger grin:
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Date:May 31st, 2007 12:45 pm (UTC)


The horse farm that we live behind has babies too, and I get to watch 'em out my office window. We have yearlings in the paddock right behind us, but the one past that has moms and babies.
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