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I can now truly say...

that I *survived* Arlington. It was.....well, Mother Nature decided to throw a hissy fit Sunday AM.

Seriously. The sky turned...well, 1 side was gray, thunder-boomer clouds. There was a solid white line down the middle, and the other side was pitch black, ROLLING, evil-looking clouds. It was a "Wow! COOL! Oh, SHIT!" moment. :grin:

Me and 2 cousins dropped our tents, and were congratulating ourselves on a job well done when the bottom fell out. 1 of the back tents started to collapse, so I ran back there to bolster it up. My "brother" grabbed his front tent, and my cousin grabbed our front tent..I got picked up a couple of times, but we survived intact...unlike the 6 tents we watched collapse. :sigh:

The rest of the day was muggy.....I discovered who my family really is (and it's larger than I ever imagined), I tried to avoid dangerous situations (and was constantly surrounded by watchful male cousins), but still managed to be stalked. :bigger sigh: Ah, well.....double chocolate fudge cake makes all situations better.

Not many people braved the mosquito-infested swamp that the stadium became, so it was slow, but still nice.

Alaric came back by to pick up a momento he had asked for. He left pleased, and I'm happy that he's happy. Steve would have wanted him to have all that's good.

I am exhausted, sore, and stiff today. The storm lasted approx. 45 minutes...and I was hanging on to the tent the whole time. We had good music, and good food...and I have a ton of new cousins. I also have 2 new 2-ply yarns, and 3 more bobbins of singles. Overall, it was a good festival.
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