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It's officially summer...

and the pool is Open! We spent about 45 minutes last night in our perfectly clean, clear, wonderfully cool pool. The kids splashed and played with the dive rings, while I did some water aerobic-type exercises on my lower body, interspersed with swimming laps. I am happily sore today...and looking forward to more tonight. Gotta get back in shape...this winter was hard on me (in more ways than 1).

Ms. Boss wants us to start thinking about vacations. Fun - I gotta work it out between Herself's summer camp (end of July), the Star Wars exhibit (starts 6/9), both kids' swimming lessons (7/9 - 7/20), my co-worker's schedule, my court date (7/3(!!)).....this should be interesting. Of course, due to the current situation, I can't talk about any of it *here*, until *after* it occurs (yes, the situtation is that dire...:sigh: The Restraining Order is still in place...but y'know, it only works if *both* parties are willing to abide by it....and in my case, it's not the case. :bigger sigh: Thank the Lord for Clan McGuido! :grin: (and, thanks Torchie!))

Anyway, it looks like early August is our best bet. The Star Wars exhibit will be here thru Labor Day, so that's no problem (do I really have to mention that Himself is salivating over this? And that the radio commercials *aren't* helping?! :grin:). NASA is *always* open - and both kids are demanding to go back. The current exhibit is "Grossology" (it runs thru August, I think - they usually run for 3 months at a time)...which is right up Herself's alley. Not sure how to fit both in, in the same week, but we'll do *something*. It's not like I don't have the time to figure it all out. :grin:

Not much to report on the spinning front - I got 2 finished 2-plys from the Festival this weekend, and 1 full bobbin and 1 partial bobbin of singles. I need to finish that batch up, and get back on the "Air" yarn. Knitting - nothing. Nada. My left wrist is *all* wonky again - Herself accidentally kicked it a couple of weeks ago, then I had to hold the tent down in gale-force winds on Sunday,'s kinda fried. I'm itching to get back on the sock...but it's gotta wait.

I'm still doing the Torah Class. I've finished Genesis, and am getting into Exodus. It's way cool - I've already learned *so* much - not only does the teacher go over the History, he applies the prophecies (and yes, Genesis is *full* of prophecy! Who knew - I didn't!) to today's time. :boggle: It's.....well, it's cool, and I can't wait to dig in to Exodus.

I'm also starting the Giftmas search. I'm thinking Himself needs some of the Lego Mindstorm kits (eBay, I luv you! :grin:), and Herself, of course, needs Art Stuff. Haven't bought anything yet (gotta save up for the vacation first), but I'm looking and pricing. Herself's birthday is next week - we're NOT doing the big family party thing this year, due to circumstances beyond my control, so there's not a huge expense there....but she wants some of her friends to come over. Yay...a house full of pre-teen females. Can't wait (/sarcasm). I need to decide what we're doing about the main problem is that I have a *whole* boatload of ornaments already...and a 9' tree. We've decided not to celebrate christmess......because it's NOT what it claims to be......:sigh: We're talking about it. It's got to be a family decision......we'll come up with something.

I think that's all the blather I got in me right now. :grin:
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