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Previous Entry Is it Monday yet? Jun. 10th, 2007 @ 05:23 pm Next Entry
Because I am exhausted - and it's only 5:30!

Yesterday we ran to the bigbox warehouse club. Didn't get a whole lot - payday isn't until next week - but I did nab a few more canned goods and dog food. (Seriously, folks - you need to start stashing canned goods. Between the drought/monsoons/recalls it's going to get hard to grab fresh veggies and meats. I won't beat you over the head with *my* feelings of where this is going...but it won't hurt you to start storing foods. Don't say no one warned you!) We'll go back next month and grab more stuffs (this payday is daycare/phone bills/horse feed. So...next month, after the last paycheck of this month, we can stock up.)

We got home, I napped, then we hit the pool. Moved Magic and Flutterbutt into Moonie's pasture, and called it a day.

Today: Church, then home. After lunch, I napped again, then pool. Moved Dusty the studmuffin into the back yard (THAT was fun....Magic is in heat, so we had to do our studly strut..silly boy. Grass distracted him long enough for me to open the gate and stuff him into the scary jungle that my back yard has become) then I fired up the tractor and mowed the front yard. I also cut the pool's water hose :sigh:...so I gotta replace that soon. (We have an automatic pool filler-thingie. Makes life a bit easier). We just did supper..then it's back to the pool at 6 for a last fling before bed.

The front room is clean, and we're working on the living room. I need to warp up the looms - we're gearing up for VBS at church, and I'll be demoing cloth making (it's "A Day in Jerusalem", and should be *awesome*. We've got me (spinning/weaving), a carpenter, a breadmaker...and we're trying to get a blacksmith, a potter, a basket maker and a few other "makers". We'll all be in booths/rooms, and each of us will have a biblical persona. Should be a load of fun - plus the kids will actually *learn* things, not just the same old "here's a Bible verse, let's do a craft, have fun!" thing that everyone does. Hmmm...wonder if my AA Production wheel will be here? (just kidding. It's only been a couple of months! :grin: Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue....repeat)

Well - gotta start heading towards the swim suit. I've got a little less than 30 minutes to get ready.....:yawn:
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