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Is it time to go home yet?


Previous Entry Is it time to go home yet? Jun. 11th, 2007 @ 08:57 am Next Entry
Man.....after we got out of the pool last night, I washed the kids' bed sheets, vacuumed and refilled all 3 fish tanks, tidied the kitchen, and spun a bit - all before bed. (Oh - and I mopped the kids bathroom....when you spill 5 gallons of water, you kinda need to. :grin:)

The dogs spent all night on high alert - not sure who was trying to infiltrate, since Danny moved most of his cows (cows = evil invaders) out on Saturday, but *something* was trying to go down, and my 3 brave protectors were going to do their level best to prevent it. Personally, I think their intelligence was wonky, but hey - what do I know? Maybe Dusty the studmuffin was really an alien in disguise, and they were warning him off. Or the leaves on the tree were plotting rebellion. Or...something. :grin: Maybe the pool filter was plotting a coup. With my 3 canine guardians of freedom on patrol, I can (not) sleep safe and sound. I do know that they subdued 3 corn dog sticks, an empty package of cheetoes, and a dozen chocolate chip cookies. :grin: Doesn't that make *you* feel safer?

I need some caffiene IV'd today.....won't get it, though. Got too many things that *have* to get done before bedtime....most of them *won't*, but that's par for the course. Probably won't swim tonight, either, but we'll see. Depends on traffic.
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