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This is turning out to be a pretty good day!

Oh.My.Goodness! Mrs. Boss came in this morning with a prezzie for me. See, I am *always* cold; winter, summer - doesn't matter, I am very cold all the time. We have an acrylic sweater up here that is just...hideous, but it's warm, and I wear it All.the.time.

Well, I won't be wearing it anymore. Mrs. Boss has been cleaning out her closet. Now, you have to understand that Mr. Boss and she travelled - extensively. You name it, they've been there. Concorde? took it 3 times. French Riviera? Bunches. New York? 4x a year. Ireland? Ah...Ireland. Home of sheep. And knitters. And where my new, virgin wool ARAN CARDIGAN came from. :grin:

Upon examination, I *think* it's handknit, but am not 100% positive. It looks it - the inside has slipped stitches running up some of the cables. The seams have been hand stitched (it's obvious), and the whole thing is a lovely, prettty, creamy work of art.

It needs to be washed - it smells faintly of moth balls - but it's in *excellent* condition, and it's Warm. So warm and cuddly. :grin:

Gotta go fondle the wool now! :grin:
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