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Budget? What budget?

:sigh: Kids. Gotta love 'em. Even when they do totally stupid stuff.

Himself decided that the perfect solution to getting angry was to tear up his (unbreakable) glasses. Unbreakable? Well....technically, yes. Un*bend*able? Nope.

They looked like a pretzel when I got to the daycare. *Totally* twisted around. :sigh:

Fortunatly for me, one of the Dads was there, and offered to try and fix them. He was a bit hesitant at first - after all, children's glasses run about $250 - but after I pointed out that hey, he couldn't *wear* them as they were, and honestly, they couldn't get much worse, he went to town on them.

They are wearable - just. They are wonky, they are crooked, they are lopsided - but he can wear them. (The dad? Ex-MP. Kinda handy to have around - I envy his wife! :grin:)

Now, I gotta figure out how to replace them ($35/eye exam, $200+/new glasses) on this paycheck ($400/daycare, $100/phone bill, $178/horse feed, $130/groceries, $120/gas...oh, yeah - the paycheck? $800. :bigger sigh:) No more $$ will hit the account until the 27th.....I'll work something else. I can skip the groceries this go 'round, thanks to the canned goods extravaganza and my freezer full of ground meat...I think I'll have to cut a deal with the daycare. That's going to be the easiest way. Can't cut the horse feed (ever been in the way of a hungry horse? I have 5 adults right now...NOT a pretty sight!) or the gas......

Can't dip into savings - there IS no savings. The attorney and car took all of it (yeah - transmissions are NOT cheap items. The kicker? My "pet" mechanic told me "Oh, don't worry about it - it's FINE." Yeah, fine. If by fine you mean "it won't actually KILL you when it dies on the freeway during rush hour traffic, it'll only scareyou half to death" :grrrrrr: This should explain the attorney fees, no?)

Ah well - it'll work out. It always does. I just needed to vent a bit.
Tags: blather, kids, rant

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