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It's FRIDAY!! Whee!

Let's see, where to begin...where to begin.

Got a few good phone calls Wednesday. 1 was the notice that I have fleece waiting for me - more of that yummy silver-y grey suffolk. Oh, did I mention it's FREE? :grin: The exact quote was "We have a bunch of trash bags full of wool for you, if you still want 'em. Otherwise, we'll just toss 'em." *IF*? *IF*?????? Ummm, hello - check out the user-name, dude - "FiberADDICT". I think that's a YES. :grin: The wool should be in my possession I need to find a processer to wash and card it. I am NOT risking my wrist processing 6+ fleeces. :grin:

Then a friend called and put my mind to rest about a situation that is purportably going on. And, it came out of the blue - at a time when I *needed* to hear it. So, Thanks, Friend! I really, really, REALLY needed the reassurance!

Yesterday, Ms. Boss decided to sign the paychecks early. Yee Haw! I ran mine to the bank, grabbed the kidlets, and headed to Thrall-mart. The optometrist there is NOT the best, but he's not bad, and - it's cheap. Like....*very* cheap. Himself's first pair of glasses ran approx. $250 (I don't know exactly, but his and mine came to $525-ish...and mine were only like $10 more than his. :O_o:) - this pair? $105. Not including the exam (a mere $ stupid insurance only pays for 1 exam every *2* years.....that makes NO SENSE to me), but STILL.

We got the bendable frames again - OK, so LensCrafters has an awesome warranty. They guarantee their frames for a full year - you pay like $20 each time you go in to get a replacement for breakage, pretzel-izing, acts of child....Wallyworld does NOT. But, at only $105 for glasses, it's affordable.

We do have to wait 7 to 10 working days, but hey - he shouldn't have tried to destroy his current pair. He DID need a new prescription - I knew that -'s OK.

The daycare agreed to wait on my payment until the SS check hits (6/27), so all is good there. They *know* I'm good for it - it might take me a bit to catch up, but I will eventually. I'm good about telling them up front what is going on with us...which pays off in times like this.

So...tonight, weather permitting, we'll be back in the pool. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate tomorrow - I've got kids! coming over for a swim party. (No, I do NOT know what I was thinking when I agreed to this. :grin:) If the weather decides to crap out....well, we'll come up with something. I've got movies, I've got board games......we'll figure something out.

I've started the giftmas looking. Himself will be getting Lego Mindstorm kits this year (if you're not familiar with them, go look them up - they are WAY COOL! eBay has quite a few - basically, Legos with attitude. Think - computer-operated Lego creations. He is going to Eat.Them.Up!)...Herself will be getting Art Supplies. I think. She's at that age where it's kind of hard to guess (she turned 10 Wednesday. *10*...WHERE did the time go??) Keeping the dollar amounts the same will be fun.....oh, well - eBay to the rescue! (Seriously - Mindstorms at $50 or *less*? Watercolors at $25 or less? I'm so there!)

At some point I need to run by Radio Shack to pick up some new car adapters for stuff. Thrallmart doesn't carry them....urk. Ah, well..we have until August. :grin:

OH! :bounces: Current rumor says that there may be a cancellation on AA's wait list! Whee!! (I'm on the cancellation, here's hoping!) I hate that someone has decided not to enjoy the perfection that is an Alden wheel, but hey - I might get my wheel *this* year! :grin: (I am patient, I really am. I don't mind waiting - I know that his work is WELL worth the wait. But, Damn! - to possibly get one this year?!! :grin:)

Suppose I should get to work now...Ms. Boss will be up later - we have a lunch date. Free food? I'm game for that! :grin:
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