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I love harrassment, don't you?

OK...we live in the country. We have an anaerobic (sp?) septic system. You are required by law to have a maintenance company for said system.

I have one. The guy that installed it did it up until this year; he found me another company, they mailed the contract, I signed it, put it in an envelope with a check, and mailed same. The check cashed 2 weeks later. No big deal, right?

Right...only some yahoo idiot thought it would be fun to sue me for a sanitation violation re: no contract on my septic system. what's this pink signed copy doing in my desk? :sigh:

So. Monday I get to call the courthouse and see what needs to be done about a stupid idjit that doesn't know how to research his "facts" (the contract? happens to be on file, according to the law. :sheesh:)

Do I think it has anything to do with my other problems? Not really, no. It could - I am going to research the filer. Wonder if I can get him on perjury charges...since he "swears this is the truth". :heh:

Tags: blather, rant

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