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Nudity/Body Awareness
aka "How comfortable are you in your skin, or with others?" Click here for link

I saw this at Anna's, and decided to join in:

1. Have you ever gone skinny-dipping? Nope, and never will. I'm not comfortable with the thought that someone I don't know is watching me or seeing me nekkid. I'm just now comfortable swimming in our own pool in a 2 piece - but only when it's just family. If "outsiders" are around, it's a one-piece, baby!

2. When you're home alone, do you strip down to get comfortable? Do you ever go out without underwear (bra and/or panties) because it's more comfortable?

I don't strip down to the undies, because of the kids. I don't feel that it's right - but that may just be me. I will run around sans bra/panties, though - you can't see anything under my shirts/pj's, and I don't care if the kids see my saggy body. Plus, after 2 kids worth of OB visits, I have NO modesty when it comes to doctor visits - want me in a paper cocktail napkin? No problem - and you don't have to leave, you'll see it all in a moment anyway.

My kids, on the other hand....run around all the time in nothing but undies. I'm trying to install modesty in them...it's an uphill battle ATM. :grin:

3. Have you ever/Do you use the bathroom with the door open? Are you comfortable using public facilities? :snicker: I have 2 kids - the bathroom door hasn't been shut in over 10 years! :snicker: When I try, I get lots of whining, "emergencies" etc. Public facilities - yup. When you gotta go, you gotta go. I'm just really anal about clean seats, and I try to leave 'em cleaner then when I came in.

4. When getting intimate with your significant other, lights on or off? I prefer OFF. Steve didn't care - #2, however, did. :shudder: It shouldn't matter - I am just not comfortable showing all my flaws at the most intimate of moments. Plus....men are kinda funny looking, kwim? :wink: Of course, after this last not-at-all-DH, intimacy is OUT of the Question. Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach...so, this question is actually moot. (I'm nauseous just thinking about this question, actually....:sigh:)

5. How comfortable are you with body exposure/nudity of others? Group shower rooms?, topless/nude beaches?, breastfeeding in public? Erm. I'm not uncomfortable when it's all females - we've all got the same equipment. Co-ed showers....nope. Ditto on nude beaches - I'd prefer NOT to get sunburned on my girls, thankyouverymuch! Breastfeeding - it's natural. When baby's hungry, he/she needs to be fed RIGHT THEN - and I am a PRO. I was able to feed my kid while shopping, eating, whatever - and NO ONE knew...until Himself decided it was fun to flash everybody. I bought a fancy necklace for him to play with - I don't think flashing folks is a good idea. :snicker:
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